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Cormyre's gameplay for 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (X360)

Cormyre played 3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

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Cormyre said...
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Slow boring day for a day 2 of my challenge....

GTA: IV : "Finish Him" was a pain to pull off... everyone keeps running away after 1 counter and then you have to find someone that will sit there and fight you... argh. Also finished off all of the deliveries and rode a taxi from one island to another... only $30 the achievement makes it sound like it'll be so much worse.

MiniGolf : I hate this game... hate, hate hate, it's trash and I'm sorry I bought it

GH2 : Took a few runs at Jordan... I will never beat this song... NEVER

Castle Crashers : Picked up the "Animal Handler" and "Traitor" achievements, who would've thought the last animal I was missing was blatantly obvious in a shop?
3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (X360)

Genre/Style: Sports/Miniature Golf
Release Date: 18/APR/07
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