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Cormyre's gameplay for Dance Dance Revolution Universe (X360)

Cormyre earned achievements in Dance Dance Revolution Universe

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Cormyre said...
  • happy
Day 2 of challenge... 1275 points added... man on a mission for viral!

LEGO SW:TCS : All mini kits, gold bricks, characters done, still have the co-op to do as well as the 100%... which will mean playing through every stage again for blue containers since I didn't do any challenges.

The next games have a dual purpose... A: whoring for my challenge and B: Wrapping up some games so I can trade them in for Soul Calibur IV... I'm broke =P

NFS MW : Took down #3 on the Black List... 2 more to go...

G.R.A.W. : Took down the final 3 chapters on hard, never worried about the multi-player for this so it's maxed out =P

G.R.A.W. 2 : Just threw this in to see if there was anything left to get... had all SP achievements done before so it's also maxed as far as I go.

DDR/DS Universe : I just want this game to go down... it's standing between me and my rhythm badge... won't be soon enough but needs to be.

Now to open up on the last day... hopefully I can throw some more points into the fire =P
Dance Dance Revolution Universe

Dance Dance Revolution Universe (X360)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Dancing Simulation
Release Date: 27/FEB/07
+50 points
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