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Cormyre's gameplay for Dance Dance Revolution Universe (X360)

Cormyre earned achievements in Dance Dance Revolution Universe

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Cormyre said...
  • bored
End of challenge and Cormyre is viral *COUGH COUGH* oh excuse me... 'bout time...

DDR/DS Universe : Unlocked the achievements for clearing 40 and 50 songs... I can't quite get the hang of challenge mode or quest mode... I suck at this game hardcore.

ND4SPD:MW : I don't know what happened, the update I did a few days ago took out engine sounds when I'm in the bumper POV... the only way I can drive! And it annoys me to no end to not be able to hear my engine... dunno what it is... but the sounds are ok if I'm outside of the car... but I can't race like that... maybe the top 2 on the black list lucked out because at the moment the game is completely unplayable.

Lumines LIVE! : I still hate that I got ripped off by this game... but whatever... been busting butt to try and get the 2nd time challenge set (especially 70 in 60secs) I've managed a 65... but a 70 seems unobtainable =(
Dance Dance Revolution Universe

Dance Dance Revolution Universe (X360)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Dancing Simulation
Release Date: 27/FEB/07
+100 points
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