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Cormyre's gameplay for Puzzle Arcade (X360)

Cormyre played Puzzle Arcade

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Cormyre said...
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Happy bday to me, Time Warner gave me the present of no cable and no internet for my bday.. awesome! started the previous night and just got worse into the morning.

Puzzle Arcade : Rounded up a few more levels on a level 3 fractal, nothing exciting

Too Human (not listed but played) : Did 3 more laps on level 1... Grendal was being harsh with not dropping any elite items at all, not even weapons

Guitar Hero 2 (not listed but played) : played through a couple songs and added a few more 5* songs to my hard and expert lists, not sure I'll ever 5* Psychobilly Freakout on either difficulty though, so why am I trying? lol... also repeated runs on Jordan were unsuccessful... I hate that song...
Puzzle Arcade

Puzzle Arcade (X360)

Genre/Style: Traditional/Jigsaw Puzzle
Release Date: 24/DEC/08
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