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Cormyre's gameplay for The Simpsons Game (X360)

Cormyre earned achievements in The Simpsons Game

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Cormyre said...
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Too Human : First time in multiplayer AND actually replaying a stage instead of doing laps on story... was surprised to see they retooled the levels for MP and replays... lot more enemies in replays as well... guess I should've used that to get to lvl 50 instead of doing 6-7 laps on story. Anyway, picked up the team kill achievement for 10 and created a tier 3 charm... first tier 3 charm I found was bad... all 3 tokens on Helheim and I only knew where one was... second I found was insanity... hit a 200 hit combo 100 times... thankfully the 3rd I came across was destroy 150 containers =P

The Simpsons : Tired of staring at it's ugly yellow case in my inbox on my desk... so figured I'd try to squeeze out a few more achievements... found the few collectables I was missing for Lisa... think Homer will be next tonight as I think I'm only missing 4 caps for him....
The Simpsons Game

The Simpsons Game (X360)

Genre/Style: Action/3D Platform
Release Date: 30/OCT/07
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